Green Cleaning Service
in St Petersburg and Clearwater – Maid to Order FL

We love pink, but we mean green. Being green is about more than just colors, cleaning products or claims. Choose Maid to Order FL and be certain to get the maximum healthful benefit from green cleaning.

True green cleaning services are very careful to evaluate solutions and equipment to ensure they meet certain standards for health safety and effectiveness. Maid to Order is a unique cleaning service that takes our commitment to protect our customers and employees seriously. Some services say they are green but only address certain aspects of a true green program.

Look through this list and compare:

In order to provide the maximum benefits that true green cleaning programs provide, these are our methods:

  • We use reusable bottles, buckets, and bags and towels.
  • We insist on the maintenance of all air filters and ducts to provide maximum air quality!
  • We reduce paper waste by communicating via telephone and e-mail and storing records electronically.
  • Maid To Order purchases supplies in concentrated form, which reduces packaging and needless transportation of water.
  • We use washable and reusable microfiber rags that capture dirt, dust, and allergens better than disposable paper towels.
  • Maid To Order trains our employees to use the correct amount and type of cleaning product for each part of the home.
  • To protect indoor air quality, we conduct routine air duct filter changes.
  • We geographically group clients to reduce driving time and fuel use.
  • We use solutions that are certified to be free from carcinogens, toxins, neurotoxins, and other ingredients which can cause health problems.
  • We use greener equipment such as vacuums that are filtered and maintained.
  • By using re-useable cloths, we reduce waste, minimize landfill waste, and prevent cross-contamination from room to room within the home.
  • Maid to Order has the means to ensure that each member of the green cleaning service’s staff is following the prescribed cleaning protocol in every home and on every visit.
  • We stay abreast of the latest science and technology so that our service can always offer the safest and most effective cleaning protocols available.

We use the very best Industry proven products. They are:

  • Formulated to meet strict EPA guidelines
  • Effective and efficient. We have tested many products and our work better and faster than others, which saves our clients time and money.
  • Proven and tested, with a suite of environmental credentials.
  • Diverse to address all the needs of our 52 Point Checklist.
  • Properly labeled and documented for safe handling, with training on correct usage.