Frequently Asked Questions regarding Your House Cleaning

Q: Are there any health benefits that come with Home cleaning services?

A: Undoubtedly, Think of a Home Cleaning services as a source for the collection and removal of a variety of contaminants that have the potential to affect health, such as mold, fungi, bacteria, hair, pollen, insects and very small particles of dust. The removal of such contaminants in the home should be considered as a main component in an overall plan to improve you and your family’s health.

Q: Do I need to be home during the cleaning?

A: Absolutely not. In fact, most of our customers prefer not to be home when we clean because they like to walk in and see the transformation instantly!

Q: How do I pay for my home cleaning?

A: Payment is due the day of each cleaning. Most customers simply pay by major credit card or leave a check on the kitchen counter and Of Course Cash is our good friend!

Q: How often should my home need to be cleaned?

A: Frequency of cleaning depends on several factors

  • Some of the things that may lead a home owner to consider more frequent cleaning include:
  • Smokers in the household, Pets that shed high amounts of hair and dander.
  • Residents with allergies or asthma who might benefit from a reduction in the amount of indoor pollutants in the home.
  • After any home renovations or remodeling, or prior to occupancy of a new home.

Q: Does A First Time House Cleaning Take Longer Than A Maintenance/Routine House Cleaning?

A: Yes, House cleaning is hard work. The first time we come in to clean your home or office, the job of scrubbing is intense as we strive to get all areas cleaned up to our high standards.

Depending on the initial level of grime and clutter, a first-time cleaning can take up to 2 times longer than your subsequent cleanings.

We do not charge a higher rate for one-time cleanings, (as do most companies) but obviously it takes longer to clean a tub or shower that has a lot more buildup than a tub that’s been cleaned frequently.

Q: Do We (Maid to Order) Supply All The Cleaning Supplies And Equipment?

A: Of course, we arrive with all supplies and equipment necessary to make your home or office shine. We also bring our own freshly laundered soft cotton towels to clean with and our products are earth friendly and either unscented or low scented.

If you’d like us to use your cleaning equipment or any special cleaning supplies, just let us know. We’d be happy to do so.

Q: Do You Send An Individual Or A Team Of House Cleaners?

A: M.T.O.FL sends background checked employees. Most often we send a 2 person cleaning team depending on the client’s home size and personal preference.

Q: Am I able to leave a Note for the Team?

A: Definitely, It’s a very good idea to be direct and communicate with either to the office or the house cleaning team if you want special attention to an area, even if you are pleased with the job or have concerns.

Q: What Days are we available for Work?

A: We are available to make your home shine Monday through Friday. Saturdays are also available, Openings are available for either a one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning services.

Q: Will you come on the same day and at the same time for each clean?

A: While we can commit to a specific day, there are many factors throughout the day that may affect our actual arrival time. If you desire an estimated time of arrival on the day of your clean, please call us, and we’ll be glad to oblige.

Q: There are many home cleaning services. Why should I choose M.T.O.FL?

A: We have been satisfactorily cleaning homes for over three decades. We love putting smiles on faces, and we are second to none in every aspect of our services!

Q: What should I do to prepare for my services?

A: We appreciate it if the customer provides the cleaning team with a clutter-free environment. If this environment does not exist, the team may not be able to fully complete your cleaning.

Q: What should I do with my pets during the cleaning?

A: If you have pets, we ask that secure them or prevent them from entering the areas that we clean.

For safety reasons our teams are not permitted to clean flea infested homes or pick up animal excrement.

Q: Can you define mildew…and if it is possible to get rid of it?

A: Mildew is ALIVEEEE… it’s a type of fungus that can be found growing on a multitude of surfaces where moisture levels are high. Mildew can be identified by its color ranging from a pinkish-orange to black. Most mildews are caused by an overgrowth of its close cousin, mold. Our professional housecleaners will be able to impede the growth of mildew by removing the built up sources that it lives on, such as soap, skin, hair and etc. As long as humidity is present, mildew will grow in the area. To stop the growth of mildew, the area must be kept dry and or chemically treated.

Chlorine bleach is not recommended but is good sanitizers to use on an severely infected areas…, to help reduce the pungent odor dilute it up to 50% with water. The most practical application method is to control the amount you use by lightly spraying the mildew affected area. Coat and let the bleach contact with the surface area for at least an hour. BE SURE TO Rinse all area’s it was applied too. Repeat the application if necessary and or on a bi-weekly basis or when mildew reappears. While chlorine bleach is not a Green chemical, and very toxic it must be used in certain severe cases when you or your family’s health is at risk. Because this product is not Green, we do not carry it, but you can find it easily in your local grocery store.

Q: Do You Have Any References?

A: Absolutely. We have testimonials from clients visible on our web site, Angie’s List, Google, The Yellow Pages, and Facebook, so absolutely we have references available by request.

Q: Can I hire your cleaner directly?

A: We spend a lot of time and resources finding, interviewing, checking references and backgrounds, and training our cleaners. When hired, they sign an agreement barring them from performing any home-related services for any of our past or present customers. However, if you do wish to employ a staff member, our referral fee is $1,000.00 We consider our employees our most valuable asset and charge accordingly.

Q: Is There Anything M.T.O.FL Can’t Help With?

A: Unfortunately Due to health and safety concerns we do not clean up cat boxes. Blood, vomit and anything else along these lines (either of human or animal origin) needs to be cleaned by a thorough bio-hazard cleaning service.

Don’t see your question? A representative will be happy to answer any questions you may have about green home cleaning. Feel free to call us now!